Training and Continuous Professional Development (CPD) Management


Get a full picture of your team’s achievements, training, qualifications, and skills in one platform. Our integrated training tracker feature automatically monitors your employees’ training due dates and compliance certificates. It then sends multiple alerts and notifications when workers need to renew their training and compliance documents.

Use our system to automatically assign mandatory and voluntary training based on each worker’s role, qualifications, and location. Workers can then complete their training from anywhere and upload their proof of training completion in one click.

Join our network of Care service providers who have found that continually enhancing employee knowledge and skills translates to quality and delivery of service. CareVault understands this and has incorporated features to ensure that workers’ training and skills are properly catalogued and available for when the need arises and to be compliant in their area.

Ensuring you remain compliant with the ever-changing care practice standards can be a headache. With CareVault, you can avoid the stress of continually checking whose certificate is expired or who needs to renew their drivers’ license, as CareVault provides the tools for the employee to proactively stay on top of their skillsets.

CareVault allows easy configuration of external course links and scheduling in-house workshops and training. With this feature, workers train within the system. So, you can easily monitor the progress on completed and pending training.

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