Tracking employee attendance and the hours each worker spends working is vital to growing your practice. That ensures that each worker gets fair compensation for their performance and the client receives the care they desire. Care Vault comes with a shift management feature that can help you quickly allocate tasks with just a click.

Our software offers the tools for allocating employee shifts and jobs while ensuring your team gets notifications on their assigned roles. With the system, you can automate tasks like approval, tasks, and notifications to avoid delays in allocating shifts.

Get your staff involved in the timesheet management so that they can control their work details. Our software allows your staff to input their availability, send requests and change their timesheets from wherever they are. The requests made are instantly sent for approval which can be done within seconds. Your staff can also easily sign off after completing shift and record the distance travelled from their phones for stress-free reimbursement processing.

Eliminate the stress of handling paper leave request forms and staff holidays or spending hours analysing the payroll to get balances. With CareVault’s shift management feature, you can easily store any type of staff leave or holiday in the system. That way, workers can easily find out their leave balances, and managers can see the available workers for easy rostering.

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