Roster Management


CareVault makes it easier to manage your support team by taking away the guesswork. Our software offers scheduling and rostering tools that help you see your employees’ availability from one platform and easily match the caregivers to clients.

Manage your team how you like and get the data you need in seconds by customising the dashboard to your business needs. Search the dashboard to know which people have been assigned to specific shifts instantly and organise your shifts by their status, whether pending, completed, active, or cancelled.

Care Vault also makes it easier to manage employee availability. Your staff can bid for available open shifts using their mobile phone. Instantly assign shifts to your workers using Care Vault’s Bulk Shift Management feature.

Care givers conveniently start the shift, record shift notes, clock out and mark the shift as complete in readiness for payroll processing. Care Vault shift management is flexible and allows you to schedule 1:1, 1:M and M:M shifts.

Quickly organise and assign shifts to the caregivers
Get Insights:
Get instant reports of any uncovered shifts
Allow employees to bid on available shifts
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