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Managing residential living care requires that you constantly have an overview all your outlets and organise the clients’ daily activities so that they get the best care possible. Care Vault aims to make your property management easy and stress-free by helping you manage all your properties and rooms from one area. Our software also offers features that can help you from the moment a client inquires about your residential care services to when they onboard.

Our CRM feature helps you keep track of your clients, services, and available rooms to offer quick responses to these inquiries. Any changes in the waitlist are also automatically updated to avoid any gaps or overbooking of clients.

Always have an updated record of the occupants in your property using our software to ensure your establishment’s success. Our care management system also analyses the dependency needs and funding options for the residences to ensure you can effectively plan and manage your properties. Also, keep tabs on available caregivers and their movement to ensure every client gets proper care. Time-stamped logs will show you which caregivers are active and when they hand over their shifts, ensuring the transition is smooth.

Use CareVault to get accurate reports of each room’s history. Knowing which rooms each client is occupying will ensure accurate invoicing of the services and amenities offered. You can also ensure returning clients get the same rooms they occupied or find close alternatives when these rooms are occupied.

Having a clear understanding of the conditions in your care properties will help you know which areas need improvement. Our software will send alerts when some areas are due for repair or scheduled maintenance upgrades. With these updates, you can ensure your residential sites are always in good shape.

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