Incident/Complains/feedback Management


Care monitoring is vital for any care service provider to guarantee your clients’ and caregivers’ safety. CareVault understands this and allows you to view and record all client and care worker interactions, i.e manage day-to-day care and report risks and incidences in real-time.

Our system ensures efficient communication by enabling caregivers to use their mobile phones to update any incidences, accidents, and complaints as they happen. The reports include all details of the incidents, the victim, and the persons/entities notified about the incident. With these details, you can easily carry out investigations and review the services offered to your clients.

Monitoring the quality of your clients’ care to ensure their needs are always met will only happen when you have the right data and insights to guide your decisions. Care Vault enables you to access real-time care performance, get alerts on activities as they happen. Care Vault Total Care Solution ensures you have information to ensure a safe environment that is appropriate for your client’s needs; where any risks to them are identified and managed.

Real-time Tracking:
Get incident, accident, complaints, and feedback reports as they happen
Complete view of the client:
Monitor real-time Client needs and employee performance
Collaboration in support provision:
Know how everyone is going
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