Document Management


Say goodbye to the stress of going through endless paperwork. Care Vault offers a smart document management solution with unlimited storage to help manage all your clients’ and employees’ documents.

You no longer have to look through different systems as your employees’ and clients’ documents are in one place and you get to choose where and how you can access them from any location, at any time.

Having a unified system means caregivers can access their clients’ documents when they need it. Our system enables instant updating of reports, feedback, and risks as they happen and stores them in the database. That reduces the time spent analysing the quality of care your caregivers provide. With CareVault, your employees can input shift details on the go, making it faster to see the allocated shifts and those that are still free.

Use CareVault to collect and manage your employees’ documents, from their certifications, training, to their payroll info. Our system also sends automated email or system notifications when your staff’s compliance documents are almost expiring. These reminders ensure caregivers validate their documents on time and stay updated on the latest NDIS regulatory compliance.

Single Platform:
Integrate your clients' and employees' information on one platform
Get regular updates on document expiry to stay compliant
Access from anywhere:
Save time by accessing your team's and clients' data securely from anywhere
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