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Care Vault Total Care is a digital solution for Social, Community, Home Care and Disability Services Industry. We understand that your task is all about your client. That is why our Total Care Solution puts your client at the centre of all activities and helps you capture all your operational data in one platform so you can customise your services to suit their needs.
CareVault is the one place where you capture all client interactions from onboarding, document management, scheduling and rostering, incident management, Progress Notes, Stakeholder management, medical info, support plans and goals and more! With Care Vault Total Care Solution, you can easily adjust your clients’ current situation and the type of care they need and even match them to the right caregiver.
Our Total Care Solution enables caregivers to set goals based on the client’s support plan and to track those goals through the provision of service. Your employees can also note down their clients’ progress, incident reports, appointments and securely have the choice and control delegate access necessary for team members and the clients’ family/stakeholders who are involved in client’s care. Get insights that help you adjust service provision to meet your client’s specific needs and goals.
Effortlessly collect feedback and complaints in one place and quickly get insights on client satisfaction. With CareVault, your client or their advocate/Guardian can quickly send their feedback from their mobile phones. Get up to the minute updates and guarantee your clients are always happy with your service.
Managing your clients’ budget and invoicing does not have to be a headache. Use Care Vault to get updates on your client’s budget and invoice clients as per the services offered. Quickly get access to reports and track and manage client’s budget. Our care management software enables you to manage clients with multiple funding sources and track their available budgets. Take advantage of system notification and alerts when a client’s fund allocation is running low.

Unified Platform:
Capture all client data on one platform
Data securely in one place:
Quickly note and track client progress from anywhere
Feature Rich:
Easily send out invoices and track client fund allocation
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