Fall in love with claiming and reporting features offered by CareVault. Incorrect billing codes, discrepancies with claim data, and incorrect paper claims can make it difficult to make claims. However, you can make things easier for your clients by having a one-stop area for claims processing.

Care Vault stays updated with the current NDIS price guides and rules to ensure you always claim the correct amount. Quickly filter out the services offered depending on the payment method and get updated NDIS payment requests that you can instantly upload. Easy generation of bulk payments as per PRODA requirements.

Rejection of claim requests can be frustrating. That is why at Care Vault we ¬†offer features to help you verify your clients’ NDIS Service Agreement against the NDIS support to reduce the rate of claim rejections. Use our claim management features to effortlessly import the claim results from the portal and check on their statuses.

Unified 1:
Process all claims from one area
Current 2:
Stay updated with current NDIS price rates and rules
Accurate 3:
Verify NDIS support to avoid claim rejections
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